Destiny 2‘s Season of the Haunted sends gamers again to the Leviathan, an enormous Cabal ship that is the house of exiled Emperor Calus and the previous location of Future 2 vanilla’s Leviathan raid. The Leviathan is the house to the brand new seasonal exercise, Nightmare Containment, which duties gamers with utilizing a particular gadget to seize the evil Nightmare creatures we first noticed launched within the Shadowkeep growth. Containment has a whole lot of transferring items and necessities you will want to grasp to maximise your time with the exercise and earn the perfect rewards you possibly can.

First, it is value noting that Nightmare Containment is a Public Occasion much like the Altars of Sorrow occasion on the Moon. The occasion might be triggered within the Derelict Leviathan’s patrol zones, and options a number of tiers you will want to finish to get your rewards–just just like the Altars. There are additionally new currencies you will need to earn all through the course of finishing the exercise so you possibly can maximize your weapon and armor good points. Here is every thing you might want to learn about Nightmare Containment within the Season of the Haunted.

Tips on how to launch Nightmare Containment

There are two options to get into the Derelict Leviathan, but either will let you take part in the Nightmare Containment activity.
There are two choices to get into the Derelict Leviathan, however both will allow you to participate within the Nightmare Containment exercise.

The very first thing about Nightmare Containment that is more likely to journey you up is the choice to both launch to a Derelict Leviathan location, just like the Castellum, or to leap into Containment straight. From the Moon Director display, yow will discover the Derelict Leviathan node on the left aspect, which accommodates these two choices. The reality, nonetheless, is that each can get you to Containment, and it would not actually matter which you select.

The 2 Derelict Leviathan choices appear to be they’re geared towards ensuring there are sufficient gamers hanging round which you could full Nightmare Containment actions everytime you need. The exercise, nonetheless, is a Public Occasion, so you possibly can take part everytime you need if you’re hanging across the Derelict Leviathan patrol zone. If you wish to discover the Leviathan whereas perhaps sometimes collaborating in Nightmare Containment actions, select the Castellum possibility. If you happen to intend to tackle Containment actions particularly, select the Containment possibility. It is value noting, nonetheless, that neither possibility locks you into a selected exercise; you possibly can nonetheless wander away and discover in case you select Containment, and you may nonetheless play public occasions in case you select Castellum. The 2 loading choices appear particularly geared at getting gamers into the Nightmare Containment exercise as rapidly as doable, if that is what they’re on the lookout for.

Collect Vestiges of Dread

Just like the Season of the Risen’s Psychogenic Intel, the Season of the Haunted has its personal particular forex, referred to as Vestiges of Dread. These drop from quite a lot of places–you can get them from enemies you kill everywhere in the Photo voltaic System and any accomplished exercise, and they’re particularly prevalent within the Derelict Leviathan, the place you possibly can earn them from finishing Containment public occasions and patrols. You at all times need to have as many Vestiges of Dread as you will get, as a result of like Psychogenic Intel, they’re key to redeeming rewards in the course of the seasonal occasion and get you the utmost variety of weapons and armor with every spherical.

Typically, you need to replenish 500 Vestiges of Dread earlier than you tackle a Nightmare Containment exercise (though it is value noting that you’re going to earn a lot of Vestiges throughout Containment, additionally). You want 500 Vestiges to activate the Nightmare Harvester on the finish of Tier 3 of Nightmare Containment, which can get you seasonal rewards on the finish of the general public occasion. So keep watch over what number of Vestiges you are carrying and how briskly you are incomes them, and ensure to finish varied occasions to maintain your rely up so you possibly can redeem them on the finish of Nightmare Containment.

Triggering Nightmare Containment

Once you’re within the Castellum, an icon will seem in your display indicating the place the subsequent Containment exercise will happen. Head to the icon and work together with it with a purpose to plant the Nightmare Harvester, a glowing crimson scepter that triggers the occasion. The thought right here is that you simply’re drawing highly effective Nightmare enemies to you with a purpose to kill them and bind them to the Harvester, eradicating them from the Leviathan and disrupting Calus’s plans.

Nightmare Containment is separated into three tiers, and you may want to finish all three with a purpose to earn rewards for the occasion. In addition they slowly get tougher over time, with the third tier culminating in a giant boss struggle. There are three complete Nightmare Containment bosses, and it appears possible they rotate each week, as we have seen with seasonal occasions in previous seasons.

Tier 1 and Tier 2: Collect Shards of Dread

Hunt down the Dread Bearer Nightmare enemies and eliminate them fast for additional Shards and to unlock the reaper scythe Relic weapon.
Search out the Dread Bearer Nightmare enemies and remove them quick for added Shards and to unlock the reaper scythe Relic weapon.

Your first objective in Nightmare Containment is to filter a ton of enemies with a purpose to energy up the Nightmare Harvester. You are seeking to collect “Shards of Dread,” a forex you get from killing enemies throughout Containment. You get roughly one shard per enemy killed, so the thought is to mow down as many waves as doable, as rapidly as doable. The icon on the left aspect of your display signifies what number of shards you might want to full the primary wave of the battle.

Sprinkled all through this primary wave are harder Nightmare enemies referred to as Dread Bearers. These are Elite enemies with yellow well being bars, and so they’re powerful to carry down by yourself. Often you will discover these enemies flanked by different Nightmares, and killing one will get you a ball of orange Unstable Essence, with provides you a quick harm increase towards Nightmares–so its’ a good suggestion to kill the smaller Nightmares earlier than taking up the Dread Bearers.

Once you kill a Dread Bearer, it will drop an orb referred to as a Core of Dread. Decide that up and take it again to the Nightmare Harvester scepter and you may dunk it for a small pile of shards, normally a batch of 5 or 10 at a time. The upshot of dunking the Core of Dread is not the shards, although; the cores causes a reaper scythe Relic weapon to spawn on the Harvester. That scythe is a robust, if momentary, weapon to make use of towards the waves of enemies. It fires blasts of fireplace with its regular assault in the identical manner that caster swords do, and you should use its highly effective assault to ship out waves of flame that may kill a number of enemies directly. Observe, nonetheless, that if you spawn the reaper scythe, you will additionally must take care of a Champion enemy that can seem close to the Nightmare Harvester.

After finishing a wave to get Shards of Dread, you will face a unique menace, during which you will must kill 4 Eregore Atavists. These are particular Psion enemies that seem inside bubble forcefields, which you may bear in mind from actions just like the Leviathan raid. Nonetheless, the Atavists are initially hidden, so with a purpose to reveal them, you will must kill 4 different sniper Psion enemies, referred to as Atavist Illusionists. These are marked in your display with icons to make them simpler to seek out, and you may need to monitor down these Elite enemies as quick as you possibly can.

You'll need to find and punch the Egregore Atavist enemies in order to eliminate them. Look for Psions called Atavist Illusionists and kill them first to make the Atavists appear.
You will want to seek out and punch the Egregore Atavist enemies with a purpose to remove them. Search for Psions referred to as Atavist Illusionists and kill them first to make the Atavists seem.

When you kill the primary two Atavist Illusionists, you will reveal two Eregore Atavists. You possibly can’t shoot these guys, because of their forcefields; you will want to leap in shut and punch them within the face with a purpose to kill them. Repeat the method to kill the second two Eregore Atavists to finish the wave.

For Tier 1, you will want to finish these two components of the exercise twice each–two waves to get shards and two waves to kill Atavists. If you happen to full all 4 components of the exercise, the Nightmare Harvester will spawn a Heavy Ammo chest, which you should use to energy your self up for the subsequent tier. Nonetheless, as with all three tiers, you do not really want to finish the tier to maneuver on to the subsequent one. If the timer runs out on the tier, it will finish, however you will nonetheless have the ability to transfer as much as Tier 2.

Look out for the diamond-shaped Resonant Splinter objects to appear near the Harbinger. Destroy them to knock out its shield.
Look out for the diamond-shaped Resonant Splinter objects to seem close to the Harbinger. Destroy them to knock out its defend.

After finishing the primary tier of Containment, the set off for the second tier will seem some other place within the space after a brief timer ticks down. Like with Altars of Sorrow, you will must activate it comparatively rapidly to maintain the exercise going. Tier 1 and Tier 2 have largely the identical necessities, with one caveat: Tier 2 may even function a Nightmare Harbinger miniboss enemy to kill. As you harm it, the Harbinger will

Tier 3: Nightmare of Elykris boss struggle

The final a part of the Containment exercise is the hardest, largely as a result of it is in a smaller space within the Castellum with an enormous boss enemy. For the primary week, that enemy is Elykris, a Nightmare model of the Scorn Baron referred to as the Machinist from the Forsaken story marketing campaign. Your objective to start out with is to do as a lot harm to the boss as rapidly as doable. The boss’s well being bar is split into thirds, and hitting every of the three markers will set off a unique section during which you will want to interrupt a defend on the boss with a purpose to hold damaging it. Take into accout additionally that when you’re combating the boss, further enemies will spawn in throughout you, so you will need to clear them out sometimes to maintain from getting overwhelmed.

The boss will gain a shield every time you remove a third of its health, so be ready to act quickly to destroy Resonant Shards and Emissary enemies in order to keep damaging it.
The boss will acquire a defend each time you take away a 3rd of its well being, so be able to act rapidly to destroy Resonant Shards and Emissary enemies with a purpose to hold damaging it.

When you get the boss’s well being down by a 3rd, it will acquire a defend that makes it invincible, with two Elite Abomination spawnintg close by, that are additionally shielded. To take down the defend, you will must shoot six diamond-shaped Resonant Splinters floating across the boss arena–you may acknowledge these nodes from the Vow of the Disciple raid and the Wellspring exercise in Savathun’s throne world. Knock out all six Resonant Splinters as rapidly as you possibly can, holding in thoughts that extra enemies will spawn–including explosive Screebs.

Destroying the splinters will not drop the boss’s defend, however it is going to remove the shields on the yellow well being bar Abominations. These are your subsequent targets, and you may need to take them out as rapidly as doable. With each of them lifeless, the boss shall be susceptible once more, and you may resume doing harm once more till you have knocked its well being bar all the way down to its final third.

Observe that when you’re combating the Abominations and doing boss harm, the Dread Bearer Nightmare enemies may even present up across the area. Taking down these enemies will produce a Core of Dread, identical to within the first two tiers of Containment, and dunking these cores on the Nightmare Harvester will produce reaper scythes you should use towards the boss. In order earlier than, it is a good suggestion to clear these enemies out as quick as you possibly can to get the extraordinarily helpful scythe weapon into your palms or the palms of your teammates. The scythes are nice for clearing out enemies generally, so it is a good suggestion to prioritize grabbing them.

Spend your Vestiges of Dread at the Nightmare Harvester scepter to unlock seasonal rewards from the Nightmare Containment activity.
Spend your Vestiges of Dread on the Nightmare Harvester scepter to unlock seasonal rewards from the Nightmare Containment exercise.

Ending off the boss will set off a reward chest identical to in some other public occasion (though you need not win to get rewards–you simply get extra rewards for efficiently killing the boss). You possibly can flip in your Vestiges of Dread on the Nightmare Harvester, which can earn you further seasonal rewards to your hassle. After that, you will have to attend a short time for an additional spherical of Nightmare Containment occasions to kick off, throughout which period you possibly can search the Castellum for secrets and techniques.

Discovering lockdown protocol chests

Search for extra chests after completing Nightmare Containment Tier 3. Look for green switches that beep hidden around the edges of the area.
Seek for additional chests after finishing Nightmare Containment Tier 3. Search for inexperienced switches that beep hidden across the edges of the world.

After you end Tier 3 of the Nightmare Containment exercise, you will have two minutes till one other exercise can start. With the Nightmare quickly banished, you will see a message telling you that “Lockdown protocols within the Castellum have quickly lifted.” Because of this you may have two minutes to discover the world to seek out particular treasure chests, that are solely obtainable throughout this era.

The lockdown protocol refers to aspect rooms which are usually locked off and inaccessible. If you happen to discover the aspect alcoves all through the Castellum, you need to discover locked doorways with huge switches beside them. The message that seems in your display on the finish of Tier 3 will inform you what number of of those switches are at present energetic. Search for switches which have inexperienced lights on them–normally, the lights are crimson, indicating that the lockdown protocol is in impact. You possibly can establish the switches by listening for them; they’re going to periodically beep, indicating which of them might be activated.

Flipping the change opens the close by door, which can reveal a chest and supply further rewards. The rewards you get from these lockdown chests varies fairly wildly–they’re principally the identical because the chests you discover randomly in patrol zones–so don’t be concerned an excessive amount of in case you miss out on them.

There’s possible extra to uncover within the Nightmare Containment exercise, particularly because the occasion rotates via further bosses, so we’ll replace this text as we be taught extra about it over teh course of the season.

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