My Hero Academia is within the heated throes of its Remaining Warfare Arc, and for the primary time because the sequence started, we might have our first trace as to how the villain overlord All For One will meet his last downfall. Numerous followers have all the time thought that it was Izuku Midoriya and/or All May’s future to convey down All for One, however due to the newest chapter of My Hero Academia’s manga, it appears extra possible that the one that truly defeats All For One will likely be… himself. 

WARNING: My Hero Academia Manga SPOILERS Observe! 

In My Hero Academia Chapter 355, the professional hero workforce is focusing in on their foremost goal within the Remaining Warfare: stopping All For One, as soon as and for all. All May’s formidable divide-and-conquer plan put All For One on a battlefield dealing with the highest professional heroes Hawks and Endeavor – however the heroes’ greatest troopers nonetheless weren’t sufficient. 

Hawks and Endeavor wanted a last-minute save from Class 1-A’s Fumikage Tokoyami and Kyoka Jiro. Throughout that rescue, Jiro revealed a greater power than anybody ever anticipated from her: the younger hero’s sound powers had been turned in opposition to All For One, and as an alternative of doing bodily injury, Jiro’s powers awakened the souls of the quirks All For One had stolen and saved up within himself. Abruptly, the AFO armada of stolen quirks is looking like the key to the big villain’s fall! 

That would definitely be poetic: All For One’s character has been outlined by the horror he is brought on by searching down and stealing energy from quirk customers for many years, turning their items into perverse weapons for evil. By Deku’s story with the One For All energy we have come to study that quirks are extra than simply powers – they certainly have traces of the person’s “soul” imbedded in them. So the horror All For One has triggered has by no means ended for victims – however now they can find their own justice, fairly than having a hero “save” or “avenge” them. 


That is just about every little thing the story of My Hero Academia has been constructing towards all alongside: a thematic level that solely collectively via collective, unified, motion can we “save” society, the world, or ourselves. All For One has all the time been egocentric above all else – even his parental bond with Tomura Shigaraki was a farce, as All For One simply wished to finally possess the younger boy’s physique for himself. In the meantime, Izuku has needed to study and embrace that stopping the villains is not his sole future, however that the collective efforts of OFA’s earlier customers and all the college and/or professional hero associates Izuku has made are the true key to stopping All For One. 

At this level, there’s just about nobody left who does not wish to take All For One down (execpt his most loyal and loopy lieutenants). However it will be candy if all of the villain’s a few years of making himself indestructible from the outside is undone by all the rottenness inside of him

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